Congratulations! John Davidson Celebrating 25 Years at Ocean Properties & Management Inc

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New Smyrna Beach, FL – Ocean Properties & Management Inc (OPM), located at 3500 South Atlantic Ave in New Smyrna Beach (NSB), Florida, would like to recognize an outstanding individual at the company. John Davidson, 49, born and raised in NSB, works as a call coordinator on the second floor of the Ocean Properties plaza. He has been managing the reception area, directing the phone system and greeting customers for the past 25 years. 

The position involves being able to balance daily use of a complex phone system, organizational communication, managing an email account, greeting customers and answering their questions and creating the monthly office schedule for the real estate agents. Davidson does it with exceptional performance and makes significant contributions. 

Davidson lives with cerebral palsy, a diagnosis since birth. He commutes, on his own, to and from work using Votran, Volusia county’s public transit system. He cruises around the office on a red Pride Jazzy power wheelchair. A most impressive skill is his ability to memorize a phone number instantly.

“When I first started working here, I was able to create the complete company phonebook in five minutes,” recalls Davidson. “I began the full-time job at 24 years old. I’ll be 50 years old in April.” Davidson’s desk is positioned with the backdrop of a panoramic view of the Atlantic ocean and includes the patriotic garrison American flag waving in the OPM parking lot.  

“I recognized John’s friendly nature instantly,” says Bill Roe, owner/broker associate, “No one wants to hear an automated message when they contact a business. I knew his ability to personally connect with people would be perfect for greeting customers and answering the phone.” 

The Roe family first met Davidson and his parents, Owen and Joan Davidson, while Roe’s daughters, Jodi Desoto and Margy Roe, played tennis and volleyball for New Smyrna Beach high school. “I started announcing the team lineups and Bill was very impressed with my voice,” says Davidson. “He asked me to come in for an interview and I was hired on the spot.” The Roe family appreciates the support by the Davidson family for John’s dedication to working for the company.  

Currently, Davidson continues to build his legacy with the local schools. He has dedicated himself to the sports scene at New Smyrna Beach middle school and New Smyrna Beach high school. This year marks 36 years of scorekeeping for basketball and volleyball games.

 “I want to make an impact with student athletes. The world is always changing and I want to share with them the positive attributes I’ve learned that make a good life,” said Davidson. “Life goes on after graduation and it is important to remember to stay positive.” 

Davidson’s work ethic includes exceptional service, conduct during job performance, team work, proactive and positive actions and utilization of special skills. “Growing up, I learned to stay motivated when it comes to my job,” comments Davidson.   

Davidson’s coworkers can all agree he shines a positive light in the office. “I love working with John. He always asks how my family is doing and will actually listen to what I’m going through. Afterwards, he offers empathy or advice,” says Mimi McKee, a Realtor since 2012 with OPM. “In my working life, I can not recall working with such a caring individual. I’m grateful we work together and have a friendship.” 

OPM now claims three generations of Roes’ working for the business. The family-owned establishment opened in 1987 with Roe and his wife, Toni. The company handles short and long term rentals, sales and maintenance and oversees approximately 450 properties. There are over 30 active real estate agents and 30 employees working at the office across all departments. 

Many of Ocean Properties’ employees have been with the company for nearly a decade or more. Celebrating more than 25 years with the company are Carole Swan, vacation rental manager for 28 years, who has managed the department alongside Roe’s wife, Toni, and Tom Alcorn, Realtor/broker associate for 31 years, who has sold real estate alongside Roe and mentored incoming agents.

To send a congratulations message to John or connect with OPM, contact Bill Roe at (386) 428-0975 or email,

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