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Have you Visited the South’s Ultimate Surf Town?

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New Smyrna Beach (better known to locals as NSB) has a laidback, funky vibe. Read all about how to live the beach lifestyle in a full feature published by Southern Living Magazine.

“If you can’t have fun in New Smyrna Beach, there’s a very good chance that you’re a mountain person. Gidget would love this surf’s-up little burg, but you can easily choose how much or how little beach time you want. Stay right in the thick of things on the beachfront, or opt for a hotel or a BYOB (bring your own boat) property on the Indian River, where you can enjoy a serene stay and take a short drive to the big surf whenever you like. Either way, you’ll discover a sandy little town that’s so chill it’s practically napping in a hammock, yet it’s also as lively as all get-out. And it has a sense of humor. There’s even a historic district a short drive from all the beach action. How one town manages to deliver all that is anybody’s guess, so instead of trying to figure it out, just enjoy it.”

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